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 Scholarship Winners

Lillian K.
Alden High School
$300 High School Scholarship,
College Fair Special (Buffalo, NY)

I’m going to college to become a Veterinarian which requires many years of schooling. On top of that there are not many colleges near me that offer my major so it is more costly for me to drive to farther away college/universities. This scholarship will be used to offset the cost of my books I will need to purchase and I am very excited that I won!

Tomas S.
University of Texas at Austin
$100, February 2024

I am sincerely grateful and honored to be chosen as the recipient of the $100 scholarship. The support means the world to me, and it motivates me to continue pursuing my educational aspirations with dedication and enthusiasm. This scholarship will undoubtedly lighten my financial burden and allow me to focus more on my studies. I promise to make the most of this opportunity and strive for excellence in all that I do.

Erika M.
Spelman College
$100, January 2024

I am so grateful to have been selected to receive this prize! Nothing is more important to me than my education and this prize will help ensure that I can continue receiving that education.

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